Yek Khoshgel o 1000 Moshkel

Yek Khoshgel o 1000 Moshkel Movie (Rangi Va HD)

Director: Mohammad Ali Zarandi
Author: Parviz Nouri
Producer: Jamal Mojtahedi
Cinematographer: Hamid Mojtahedi
Edited by: Siavash Shakri

Composer: Rubik Mansouri
Publication year: 1350
Actors: Mohammad Ali Fardin, Puri Banai, Arman, Ali Miri, Hassan Khayat Bashi, Ali Tabesh, Hoshang Beheshti, Simin Ghafari, Hamida Khairabadi, Reza Abdi, Akbar Jannati Shiraz

Synopsis :
A wise man’s job is to find young people with origins but without financial means, and after that, by teaching them through the teachers of various techniques, they bring them into wealthy families with daughters, and after that, when it is possible, Their marriage was arranged, in this way he earns money…

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