Boofe Koor

Boofe Koor Movie (Rangi va HD)

Director: Kiyomarth Darm Bakhsh
Music: Ali Akbar Khan
Editor: Manouchehr Olyaeli

Year of construction: 1354
Actors: Parviz Fenizadeh, Parveen Soleimani, Farshid Farshoud, Nasser Nasiri, Navin Gheazi

Synopsis :
A lonely young man (Parviz Fenizadeh) paints on the cover of a notebook in his room. His uncle enters his room. When a young man wants to bring wine for his uncle, he sees a woman (Novin Qazii) standing next to an old man under the shade of a tree from the window of his room. From then on, the young man looks for the woman every evening in the plain and desert, without finding her, one night the woman goes to the young man’s house and lies on his bed. As soon as the man approaches the woman, he sees that she is dead. The man cuts the woman’s body into pieces and puts it in a suitcase and takes it outside the city with the help of a man with a hearse. And …

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