Soote Delan

Soote Delan Movie (Rangi Va HD)

Writer and director: Ali Hatami
Producer: Ali Abbasi
Cinematography director: Hoshang Bharlo
Editor: Musa Afshar

Supervisor of announcers: Nasser Tahmasab
Makeup designer: Othello Fava
Make-up artist: Jalaluddin Meiriyan

Publication year: 1356
Actors: Behrouz Vothoqi – Shahreh Aghdashloo – Fakhri Khorosh – Jamshid Meshaikhi – Jahangir Forohar – Atash Khair – Mino Abrishmi – Saeed Nikpour – Saeed Amir Suleimani – Akbar Meshkin – Ruqieh Shireh Azad – Mahmoud Basiri

Synopsis :
Habib Agha Zarov Chi is a well-known businessman who is not married in Piranesar and has devoted his life to his mother and half-brother Majid Doukele. Majid, who does not have a healthy mind due to his large skull, works in Habib Agha’s shop and takes the rented dishes to mourning and happiness gatherings. He is in love with a girl whose photo he saw in the window of a photography studio. Majid’s mental condition worsens, Habib Agha, on the advice of a relative of the drug dealer, decides to keep a woman by his side so that she may be effective in improving Majid’s mental condition. Habib Agha brings home a self-selling woman named Aghdas in the guise of a noble woman through his drug dealer friend and…

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