Barzakhiha Movie (Rangi Va HD)

Director: Iraj Qadri
Author: Saeed Melabi
Producer: Mohammad Zad
Cinematographer: Maziar Perto, Faraj Elah Heydari

Publication year: 1361
Actors: Mohammad Ali Fardin, Iraj Qadri, Saeed Rad, Nasser Malek Matiei, Mohammad Ali Keshavarz, Hossein Shahab, Khosro Shujazadeh, Hossein Maleki, Abbas Mokhtari, Ali Fahadal, Azar Mehdi Qalikhani

Synopsis :
On the 22nd of Bahman 1357, a group of common criminals escaped from prison. They, who are planning to leave the country, meet a man named Sayyed Yaqoub in a border village, who tries to prevent the prisoners from escaping with his actions and words. They ridicule Sayyid Yaqoub’s sermons and…

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