Atashe Jonoob

Atashe Jonoob Movie (Rangi va HD)

Director: Alan Brunt
Author: Alan Bront, Jamshid Shibani
Producer: Jamshid Shibani
Editor: Musa Afshar
Composer: Homayk Niazi

Supervisor of announcers: Cengiz Jalilund
Publication year: 1355
Actors: Nasser Malek Matiei, Puri Banai, Ali Azad, Ismail Shirazi, Mohammad Reza Fadeli, Ali Dehghan, Zabih Elah Zabihpour, Mahmoud Tehrani, Akbar Jannati Shirazi, Farhad Khoshbat, Abbas Mazaheri

Synopsis :
An oil well in the south becomes the target of a fire, and American firefighting experts are sent to the south. They need some nitroglycerin to put out the fire, which needs to be shipped south. A number of drivers are tested until four of them deliver two trucks carrying nitroglycerin to the fire extinguishing site for receiving four hundred thousand Tomans. After the test, Abbas Mozaal, his fiancee Jameela and his friend Nader are selected and a mechanic named Gumbo, who is a reckless driver and is on the run from the police, joins them by paying a bribe. Jamila and Gumbo, as Wordst, exchange their places with the drivers and…

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