Baraye Ke Ghalbha Mitapad

Baraye Ke Ghalbha Mitapad Movie (Rangi va HD)

Director: Iraj Qadri
Author: Saeed Melabi
Cinematographer: Maziar Perto, Ishaq Nauman
Edited by: Maziar Parto

Composer: Rubik Mansouri, Varozh
Musician: Anoushirvan Rouhani, Manouchehr Gudarzi
Genre: Social
Publication year: 1350
Actors: Reza Beik Imanordi – Puri Banai – Iraj Qadri – Arman – Jamshid Mehrdad – Iran Qadri – Ashraf Kashani – Ali Akbar Mahdavi Far – Asgari – Tabatabai – Akhlik

Synopsis :
Nazi, Reza and Farhad have grown up together since childhood. Farhad is working as a lawyer and Reza spends his days idle. The two of them are interested in Nazi, but Nazi and his father, the colonel, do not care about Reza, and Farhad gives up his love for Reza’s sake. Reza studies and joins the army, but after a while, his friend Jamshid informs him that he was killed in a military conflict, but…

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