Lootie Gharne Bistom

Lootie Gharne Bistom Movie

Director: Reza Safai
Author: Kamal Danesh
Producer: Mothaghali – Nasser Dehbashi
Genre: Family

Year of construction: 1347
Actors: Reza Beik Imanordi – Abdullah Butimar – Shideh – Ahmed Gadkachian – Munira Nejati – Feringis Forohar – Samad Sabahi – Yadullah Mohammadinejad – Dariush Asadzadeh

Synopsis :
Javan Matmouli is very serious and strict. His driver meets two girls who have come to Tehran from Isfahan and are looking for work. The driver finds work for them in a cabaret. A rich young man sees girls and becomes interested in one of them, but…

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