Bar Faraze Asemanha

Bar Faraze Asemanha Movie (Rangi va HD)

Director: Mohammad Ali Fardin
Assistant director: Mehdi Ahmadi
Author: Ahmad Behbahani
Producer: Mohammad Ali Fardin

First assistant cameraman: Shirmarad Guderzi
Cinematographer: Shokrale Rafiei, Hamid Mojtahedi
Edited by: Shokrale Rafiei
Composer: Varujan
Genre: Family
Year of construction: 1357
Actors: Mohammad Ali Fardin, Goli Zanganeh, Jamshid Mehrdad, Roshank Sadr, Shahnaz, Reza Abdi, Parviz Jafari, Nemat Elah Gurji, Mohsen Mahdavi

Synopsis :
A young pilot meets a girl during an accident and plans to marry her. But during an incident, the pilot passes before he can announce his marriage publicly. The pilot’s wife inevitably entrusts the child she gives birth to a family and works anonymously in that house. After many years, the child grows up and becomes a pilot himself. The mother becomes the nanny of a girl who is loved by her child and…

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