Sarbaz Movie (Rangi)

Director: Reza Fazli
Author: Mehdi Mandarian
Producer: Jamshid Shibani
Cinematography director: Maziar Perto

Publication year: 1356
Actors: Nasser Malek Matiei – Puri Banaei – Faramarz Khorokan – Shahab Asgari – Ali Azad – Mohammad Taghi Kohnmoui – Shadi Afarin – Khashayar – Giti Forohar – Akbar Janati Shirazi – Jamshid Heydari – Noor Mohammad Haji – Mohammad Horiyab

Synopsis :
Ahmed assigns his brother Hossein to carry the smuggled cargo and then informs the matter to Astwar Rezaizadeh. Astwar, along with his men and Ali, who is a conscript, pursue Hossein. Hossein is killed by Ali’s bullet, and Ali, who is tormented by conscience, goes to Hossein’s grave and…

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