Toghi Movie (Rangi Va HD)

Writer and director: Ali Hatami

Producer: Mehdi Musaibi Cinematographer: Maziar Perto

Set and costume designer: Ali Hatami, composer: Esfandiar Monfaredzadeh

Supervisor of announcers: Cengiz Jalilund

Publication year: 1349

Actors: Behrouz Vothoqi, Afreen, Nasser Malek Matiei, Jaleh Alou, Hamida Khairabadi, Bahman Mofid, Gholamreza Sofa, Mohsen Arasteh, Shahrazad, Hossein Gil, Jalal Peshwaian.

Synopsis: Asid Morteza (Behrouz Voshoghi), who is a pigeon fancier, lives in Kashan with his blind Bibi (Jale Alou). He catches the collared pigeon that all the local pigeon fanciers are looking for. Bibi considers Toqi to be dangerous and asks Asid Mortaza to release the pigeon. On the other hand, Asid Morteza’s uncle, that is, Asid Mustafi (Nasser Malik Matiei), sends him to Shiraz to propose to his fiance Tubi (Afrin)…

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