Nefrin movie

Director: Nasser Taqvai Writer: Nasser Taqvai Producer: Nasser Taqvai, Mohammad Taghi Shokraei

Cinematography director: Nemat Haghighi Editor: Abbas Ganjovi Composer: Esfandiar Monfaredzadeh

Supervisor of announcers: Saeed Mozafari Genre: Social

Actors: Behrouz Vothoqi, Fakhri Khorosh, Jamshid Meshaikhi, Mohammad Taghi Kohnmoui, Nowrozi, Nariman Shirifard, Ali Dehghan.

Synopsis :
An old man takes a building painter from Abadan to Mino Island to paint the house of his master, who is the son of the sheikh of the island, who is insane and an alcoholic. The lord who lives a rich life is not able to accompany his young wife. Although the woman believes that her husband ruined her life, with the help of the old man, she prospers the house and the farm. Little by little, the woman’s loneliness brings her closer to the young worker and…

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