Karvanha (Rangi Va HD)

Publication year: 1356
Director: James Fargo

Actors: Behrouz Vathoughi – Anthony Quinn – Mohammad Ali Keshavarz – Parviz Gharib Afshar – Ikel Sazarin – Jennifer O’Neill – Christopher Lee

Synopsis :
The narration of the story takes place in 1948 and in a fictional country called Zakharistan (according to the novel Caravans, it probably means Afghanistan). Mark Miller (played by Michael Sarrazin), a young employee of the American embassy, is assigned to look for Ellen Jasper (Jennifer O’Neill), the daughter of Senator Jasper, who disappeared after marrying Colonel Nasrallah (Behrooz Weshouqi). During an investigation, Mark Miller finds out that Ellen Jasper has escaped from her husband, Colonel Nasrallah, and is among a nomadic group led by Zulfiqar (Anthony Quinn) and…

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