Gorge Bizar

Gorge Bizar Movie

Director: Maziar Parto
Author: Behzad Farahani
Producer: Mohammad Taghi Shokraei
Cinematographer: Maziar Parto

Edited by: Maziar Parto
Composer: Morteza Hananeh

Publication year: 1352
Actors: Behrouz Vathouqi, Aram, Jafar Vali, Shamsi Fazl Elahi, Jalal Peshwaian, Zabih Elah Zabihpour, Nariman Shirifard, Mir Mohammad Todjad, Behzad Farahani, Abbas Nazeri Nik, Yedi

Summary of the story: Ahangari and his wife Gol Andam live and cultivate in a piece of land far from the village. In order to take possession of Ahangar’s land, with the help of his agents, Beik Khan spread the rumor that Ahangar did not marry Gol-Andam and aroused the anger of the residents of Abadhi towards them. Except for a young man named Mahmoudi and the daughter of Khal Hazahi named Maryam, the residents reject them and prevent their business and life. Gol-Andam is in trouble, and at night, the people and Beik Khan refuse to help him, and drive away the blacksmith. When the blacksmith returns to his house, he is faced with the body of Gol Andam and…

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