Rashid Movie

Director: Parviz Nouri
Author: Parviz Nouri
Producer: Ali Abbasi
Cinematographer: Alireza Zarin Dast
Editor: Alireza Zarin Dast

Composer: Varujan
Supervisor of announcers: Manouchehr Esmaili

Publication year: 1350
Actors: Behrouz Vothoghi, Bahman Mofid, Zari Khoshkam, Iran Qadri, Mir Mohammad Todaj, Yadala Mohammadinejad, Jalal Peshwaian

Synopsis :
Rashid and his friend steal the jewels of a paralyzed woman, and the woman is accidentally killed. Rashid hides the jewels in an abandoned mine and takes refuge in a forest hut where two fugitives (Hamid and Nazi) live. Bashir informs Hamed and Nazi that the police is looking for a thief and a fugitive. Hamed, who guesses that the fugitive murderer is Rashid, suggests to him that they divide the stolen jewels among themselves and run away.

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