Zabih Movie

Director: Mohammad Metuslani
Author: Ibrahim Makki
Producer: Mehdi Musaibi
Cinematographer: Hamid Mojtahedi
Composer: Varujan
Singer: Abi

Publication year: 1354
Actors: Behrouz Vothoqi, Aram, Jamshid Mashayikhi, Enayat Bakhshi, Morteza Ahmadi, Ali Thabit, Hassan Rezaei, Abbas Nazeri Nik, Akbar Jannati Shirazi, Parveen Soleimani, Abrishmi, Kashani, Ashraf Kohn, Ahmadzadeh, Giti Forohar

Synopsis :
Zabih is released from prison after fifteen years. He was a blackmailer who met Aqdas and committed murder in support of him. At the time of Zabih’s arrest, Aghdas was pregnant by him, and now Zabih returns to her hometown to find her child, Jalal. But …

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