Gharibeh Movie (Rangi Va HD)

Director: Shapour Gharib
Author: Hassan Rafiei
Producer: Mohammad Reza Shibani
Cinematographer: Nosrat Elah Keni
Music arrangement: Varujan
Singer: Arif

Publication year: 1351
Actors: Behrouz Vothoqi – Negar – Diana – Akbar Meshkin – Ahmed Moini – Parviz Fenizadeh – Gholam – Yedi Ghasemi – Shapour Rahnama

Synopsis :
After being released from prison, Qasim (Behrouz Vothoqi) goes to the south to meet his friend Abbas (Parviz Fenizadeh). After getting into a fight with the man who caused his arrest, Qasim meets a girl named Zari (Nagar), who is the daughter of a wealthy man. Qasim, who knows that Zari’s father will not agree to his and his daughter’s marriage, arranges with Zari to leave the city with the help of a laundry woman named Aqdas (Diana). With the help of Abbas, Qasim flees to Tehran with Zari. In the coffee house on the road, Zari gives up on his decision and…

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