Sazesh Movie

Director: Mohammad Metuslani
Author: Mohammad Metuslani
Producer: Ali Abbasi
Cinematographer: Nemat Haghighi
Edited by: Abbas Ganjavi

Composer: Babak Afshar
Supervisor of announcers: Ali Kasmai

Publication year: 1353
Actors: Behrouz Vothoghi, Nouri Kasraei, Mohin Shahabi, Noush Afarin, Arman, Abbas Nazeri Nik, Majid Mozafari, Faruzesh, Mehran Sadri, Dariush Asadzadeh, Nemat Elah Gurji, Ali Akbar Mahdavi Far.

Synopsis :
Javad is a young ace and passer who is interested in a girl named Betul and his mother is sick. Javad intends to steal from the house of a beautiful woman to pay for Betul’s mother’s illness. There, he finds out about the relationship between this lady and a man named Khaleeq, who is the head of the local association, Javad decides to extort from Khaleeq instead of stealing and…

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