Aroose Darya

Aroose Darya Movie

Director: Arman
Author: Arman, Abbas Pahlavan
Producer: Arman
Cinematographer: Ahmed Shirazi
Edited by: Ahmad Shirazi
Composer: Morteza Hananeh, Maral

Singer: Wigan
Genre: Social

Publication year: 1344
Actors: Behrouz Vothoghi, Forozan, Vigen, Arman, Iran Daftari, Mansour Sepharnia, Ebrahim Tahmasabi, Hoshang Oj.

Synopsis :
Habib and Maryam are interested in each other, and Akbar is interested in Maryam and proposes her to his father Rajab. Genghis, who has many fishermen working for him, threatens Rajab not to go fishing with a motor boat and work for him. In order to prepare his daughter’s dowry, Rajab asks Genghis for fifteen thousand tomans of money that he lent to Genghis’s father years ago. Genghis ordered his men to punish Rajab. The night when Habib and Rajab go to the sea, the sea becomes stormy and Maryam goes to a beach hut to signal them with a lantern. Genghis uses the darkness of the night to catch and rape Mary and…

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