Mamal Amrikaie

Mamal Amrikaie

Director: Shapoor Gharib

Made in Iran

Production year: 1354

Actors: Behrouz Vothoghi, Gogoosh, Arman, Hamida Khairabadi, Asghar Samsarzadeh, Dariush Asadzadeh, Nematullah Gurji, Parveen Soleimani.

Synopsis: A young man who is famous in the American nation, his goal is to travel to America. Memel has a friend who writes to him from America and encourages him to go to America. Memel makes a living by stealing car hoods and selling them to an Armenian named Sarkis. He gets a passport with the help of Serkis; But because he does not have a valid guarantor, they do not give him a visa. One day Memel steals the car of a woman named Nasrin and finds a letter in it inviting Nasrin to travel to America and…

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