Hamsafar (Rangi Va HD)

Writer and director: Masoud Asdalahi
Producer: Mehdi Musaibi
Cinematography director: Nemat Haghighi
Edited by: Hassan Musaibi
Composer: Varujan
Singer: Gogoosh

Supervisor of announcers: Cengiz Jalilund

Publication year: 1354

Actors: Behrouz Vothoqi, Gogoosh, Hamida Khairabadi, Reza Karam Rezaei, Asghar Samsarzadeh, Nematolah Gurji, Hossein Shahab, Omid Omidi, Majid Mozafari

Synopsis: A man, who is the head of a company, has neglected Atefeh, but is not willing to marry her. Atefeh’s marriage ceremony with another young man gets messed up and she, having developed a sensory disorder, decides to run away from Gholamhossein’s father’s house. A young Jalanbari named Ali and Rostam’s uncle enter Gholam Hossein’s house with the intention of stealing. Rostam’s uncle falls into a trap and Gholam Hossein tries to get Atefe to marry Rostam’s uncle for a week to save his reputation and…

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