Mahe Asal

Mahe Asal

Director: Fereydoun Ghale
Author: Fereydoun Gole, Sadruddin Elahi
Producer: Mehdi Musaibi
Cinematographer: Hamid Mojtahedi
Composer: Varujan
Singer: Gogoosh

Publication year: 1355

Actors: Behrouz Vothoqi, Gogoosh, Jamshid Meshaikhi, Reza Karam Rezaei, Ali Thabit, Nadera, Jalal, Nadia

Summary of the story: Reza and his mother Mah Bano are friends with Hossein’s family, known as Khan Baba. Reza spends his time with Cengiz, the son of the family, and has a crush on his sister Mino. Khan Dai agrees to this marriage, but Khan Baba opposes it and has considered Mahmud, the son of Akbar Khan, to marry his daughter. When Mino protests, one of the young men of the family named Hoshang is introduced as her fianc√©. Hoshang, who has returned from America and has a fiance abroad, with the help of Khan Dai encourages Reza to insist on his relationship with Mino and…


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