Golpari Joon

Golpari Joon

Argardan: Azizaleh Bahadri
Author: Ahmad Najibzadeh
Producer: Nandlal Hinduja
Cinematographer: Maziar Parto
Edited by: Maziar Parto

Singer: Ahadiyeh
Supervisor of announcers: Manouchehr Esmaili

Actors: Reza Beik Imanordi, Jamila, Ali Miri, Junit Arkin, Farrukh Laqa Houshmand, Jahangir Forohar, Giti Beheshti, Parisa, Rajabi, Marguerite Hakimi, Hossein Safarian, Mohammad Gilani, Akbar Esfahani, Hossein Shahab, Ali Dehghan, Maliha Nazari.

Synopsis: A husband and wife spend the night in a coffee shop and the woman who is pregnant gives birth to twins. Coffee woman Chi (Farokh Lagha Houshmand) takes one of the girls for herself and leaves the other to her mother. Gol Pari’s (Jameela) parents are killed in a train accident, and Gol Pari, who inherits her parents’ wealth, is constantly threatened by her cousin Mohsen. The other girl (Jamilah), who looks exactly like Gol Pari, grows up with a group of itinerant singers. Both girls are forced to leave their home after a similar incident and…

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