Ganje Gharoon

Ganje Gharoon Movie

Director: Siamak Yasmi
Author: Siamak Yasmi, Ebrahim Zamani
Producer: Siamak Yasmi
Cinematographer: Ahmed Shirazi
Edited by: Ahmad Shirazi
Singer: Iraj

Supervisor of announcers: Cengiz Jalilund
Genre: Social

Publication year: 1344

Actors: Mohammad Ali Fardin, Forozan, Taghi Zahouri, Arman, Abbas Shabaviz, Rafi Hadati, Iran Qadri, Maroutian, Carmen, Siros Shandermani, Maleeha Nazari

Synopsis: Jovani saves a rich man named Qaroon who is trying to commit suicide out of desperation and takes care of him in his house. Later, through his mother, he finds out that Qaroon is his father, who abandoned him and his mother years ago because of his whims…

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