Dar Emtedade Shab

Dar Emtedade Shab Movie (Rangi Va HD)

Director: Parviz Sayad
Author: Parviz Sayad, Jila Mogash
Producer: Bahman Farman Ara
Cinematographer: Alireza Zarin Dast
Composer: Mojtaba Mirzadeh
Singer: Gogoosh

Publication year: 1356

Actors: Gogoosh, Saeed Kangrani, Mahbobe Bayat, Jahangir Forohar, Maleeha Nazari, Nasser Mamdouh, Jahangir Samimifard

Synopsis: Parvaneh (Gogoosh), a famous singer and movie star, after experiencing two failed loves, pursues her artistic life alone. Babak (Saeed Kangrani), a 17-year-old young man suffering from leukemia, is a fan of Parvaneh and is interested in communicating with him. Babak writes several letters and requests to meet several times, but each time he is faced with Parvaneh’s indifference. But in the end, love develops between them, but…

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