Khodahafez Tehran

Khodahafez Tehran Movie (HD)

Director: Samuel Khachikian
Assistant director: Masoud Kimiaei
Author: Samuel Khachikian
Producer: Morteza Akhwan, Mostafa Akhwan

Cinematography director: Nosrat Elah Keni
Cinematographer: Nosrat Elah Keni
Edited by: Samuel Khachikian
Composer: Anoushirvan Rouhani

Publication year: 1345
Actors: Behrouz Vothoqi – Puri Banai – Jalal Peshwaian – Adeela – Maria Moghforian – Saki – Aziz Main – Iran Daftari – Iran Qadri – Jalal Aghamalian – Mozhgan Aghamalian – Laleh – Ahmed Moini

Synopsis :
The girl loves her young master, but he, who is blind, has never been able to reveal his love to his beloved, and when the young master returns from Europe with his foreign wife, all the girl’s hopes are cut off. After that, all hope of the girl will be cut off. After that, she devotes all her love to the nursing profession until the war comes and…

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